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Business Organization

Starting a business can be confusing.  From choosing the right type of business structure and completing applications to drafting operating agreements and answering questions about your duties as a business owner, Hawkins Law can assist each step of the way.

Business Operations

You want your business to be successful and so do we.  Through document drafting, contract review, and evaluating proposed business actions, Hawkins Law resolves current issues and helps clients plan ahead to avoid legal challenges.  Whether in our office or yours, we can become a vital part of your business team.

Employment & Labor Law

Positive employee relations are key to employee satisfaction, team work, efficiency, and your bottom line.  Businesses are also held accountable by laws that regulate your relationship with your employees.  Employee complaints distract employee focus and put your business at risk.  We can help you comply with the law, make personnel decisions, and keep your team focused.  Hawkins Law can provide the tools (e.g., employee policies and handbooks) and practices (e.g., proper evaluations, discipline, etc.) that can help your employees and your business be successful.

Civil Litigation

When efforts to avoid legal problems fail litigation may become necessary. In a successful suit you could recover funds due you or stop someone from harming your business.  Or perhaps, as an employee, you believe you’ve been terminated or treated unfairly.  Hawkins Law can evaluate the dispute and then guide you through litigation to make the best of your situation.

Real Estate

Real estate transactions can be complicated and confusing.  Whether it’s developing real estate, drafting easement or deeds, evaluating a contract forfeiture or home foreclosure, or addressing property disputes that arise, we work hard to protect your rights and identify potential issues.

Agricultural Land

Water, boundary, and other property issues can create interruptions and delays in your ranching or farming operation.  Hawkins Law can draft or review applicable farming leases and other agreements to protect your land, crops, and business.


Washington’s Residential Landlord-Tenant Act establishes key duties for landlords and tenants of residential dwellings and provides significant remedies/penalties for violations.  Understanding what the Act means in your situation can be difficult and the cost of making a mistake severe. We help landlords comply with state law and evict tenants (when necessary) efficiently. Hawkins Law also assists tenants protect their legal rights and seek damages when those rights have been violated.

Legal obligations and rights can be different for commercial leases, manufactured/mobile homes, and other residential dwellings.  A good understanding of these differences is important; contact us today to find out how we can help in your situation.

Estate Planning

Proper estate planning can put your mind at ease.  If you have minor dependents or dependents in need of long term care, well-drafted documents can establish a plan for their care and support.  If you want to designate where your personal belongings, real estate, and other property goes when you pass away, well-drafted documents make that possible.  Hawkins Law focuses on straightforward estate planning aimed at putting the simple estate in order.

While preparation of a Will or Trust may be what’s mostly on your mind, appropriate estate planning also considers planning for medical illnesses and emergencies.  Through preparation of a Durable Power of Attorney, a Healthcare Directive (sometimes called a Living Will), and/or a Medical Power of Attorney (as appropriate), Hawkins Law can help you find peace of mind knowing you are prepared for the uncertainties of life, all at an affordable price and within a reasonable amount of time.


Sometimes Probate is necessary, sometimes it can be avoided.  Hawkins Law can evaluate whether it’s necessary in your situation and help you understand your options.  Whether as a consultant while you handle the Estate on your own, or as your legal representative, Hawkins Law can help you make sense of the confusing Probate process.

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